3M Trizact Diamond TZ Red Pads

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4 x 4

Diamond disc system for more aggressive refurbishing of stone floors with apparent wear or damage from scratching or pitting caused by ice melting chemicals or wear from pallets, heavy traffic or other mechanical damage.

Creates a smooth, highly refined surface ready for finishing with Scotchgard Stone Floor Protector.

Consistently and rapidly smoothes and levels stone floor surfaces.

For use on low speed rotary or automatic equipment.

3M™ Trizact™ Diamond TZ Discs are used to restore and bring back the natural beauty of stone floors, simply by using standard floor cleaning equipment. These discs are faster than a traditional diamond grind and allow you to refurbish your own floors without the need for specialists. The trapezoid shaped discs consist of micro-replicated diamond abrasive squares distributed uniformly on a flexible backing. As these structures wear, fresh, sharp diamond abrasive is continually exposed, resulting in uniform, consistent and fast cutting action through the life of the product. Packed 4 x 4 pads (16).